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CHIC Menù was born to fulfill an ordinance after the pandemic, but it was designed as a website for mobile phones, looking to the future world, where you can show your services, products with videos and images who can help to make know your passion by integrating contents who can make you so special.

When you enter we evaluate your entire history as an operator and include everything that we consider important to show to your customers. So the menu or price list becomes an interactive showcase, it updates automatically and is therefore always new and alive!


Covid-19 has changed the world. Offer your customers maximum safety and peace of mind by consulting a menu/price list on their mobile phone or tablet as required by the anti-coronavirus decree.


This is the digital age of sharing and social media. The attention to detail in the images, in the shapes, in the colors, is a must for your business that you cannot leave out using a digital menu written for smartphones without the need to continue to zoom. Feel Cool, Feel Chic!


Your dishes or your services must become a showcase where you can show your passion, make your history, your whole world, and your products known by interacting between your social profiles and your customers. Your guest is at your table looking at your specialties, use this occasion to show who you are too.


Help save the planet. Save paper and continuous printing costs as well as continuous mandatory sanitizations. Switch to digital with your personal QR-Code and show yourself in step with the times!


Concentrate on your work and follow your customers, evolve your services, we’ll take care of the rest. We digitalize your price list/menu and make the necessary start settings. Then you will able to add, remove, or temporarily suspend your items with a click. Hassle-Free!!